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Animal Print Diaper Bags

Animal Print Diaper Bags

Animal print diaper bags are fashionable baby accessories that embrace the popularity of leopard, zebra, giraffe and tiger prints.

There has long been a fascination with exotic animal prints. Due to their rarity, throughout history they have been a symbol of wealth and status. Royalty and aristocrats adorned their homes with animal print rugs and mounted trophy animals.

The modern fascination with animal prints was kicked off in 1925 when actress Marian Nixon went for a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard with a pet leopard on a leash while wearing a matching leopard fur coat. The pin-up girls of World War Two were often photographed in exotic leopard clothing and by the mid 1940s leopard was being used as a print (as opposed to a genuine fur) in fashion collections.

Throughout the decades animal prints have remained popular although how they are worn, the size of the patterns and the colors we pair them with can change from season to season.

Lovely Leopard Animal Print Diaper Bags

Leopard print never seems to go out of fashion and we are always drawn to the wild and lively nature of this print. Leopard is a very versatile print that can be paired with a multitude of colors from earth tones and pastels to rich reds and even vibrant neon colors.

Leopard print is defined as a pattern of two-toned spots, called rosettes, that have a darker ring and a lighter center. While true cheetah print is an even pattern of solid black spots, most often in the fashion industry the term ‘cheetah’ is used to refer to leopard with small tightly spaced rosettes.  

Kalencom Cheetah and Chocolate Laminated Diaper BagKalencom Cheetah and Chocolate Laminated Diaper Bag

The Kalencom ‘cheetah’ buckle bag is a gorgeous shoulder bag with small tightly spaced rosettes complimented with a chocolate trim that works so beautifully with this print. There are two pockets at either end of this bag – perfect for a cell phone or a pacifier – and the main compartment is secured with a magnetic closure. The inside of the bag is roomy and has many smaller pockets for diaper cream and other necessities. The bag comes with a matching ‘cheetah’ insulated bottle holder and zippered pouch for soiled clothing as well as a chocolate colored change pad.


Sally Spicer Leopard Print Tote Diaper BagSally Spicer Leopard Print Tote Diaper Bag

The Sally Spicer brown leopard tote bag is a beautiful printed diaper bag that can be used for your everyday outings but also wouldn’t look amiss if worn to the office. The bag comes with a change pad, has two bottle holders and a magnetic snap closure. There are three interior pockets as well as a zippered pocket on the outside of the bag. The underside is made with weatherproof polyvinyl.

Zebra Print Diaper Bags

If any pattern can compete with leopard in a popularity contest it has to be zebra print. Zebra is a timeless pattern that can be both bold with its classic black and white stripes or softer and subdued in earth tones or pastels. Black and white zebra can easily be paired with pretty much any color and with baby accessories you frequently see it accented with light or hot pink, red, turquoise or blue.

Black and White Quilted Zebra Diaper BagBlack and White Quilted Zebra Diaper Bag

The Belvah quilted zebra diaper bag stays with classic black and white zebra pattern and the large chunks of solid black provide a nice resting place for the eye. A cute bow decorates the front of the bag. This zebra tote diaper bag has ample room for all your gear with three pockets at the front, a zippered pocket at the back and three open pockets inside the bag. A black change pad is included as well as a zippered zebra pouch that can be used for keys, pacifiers, creams or mom’s cosmetics. There are also metal feet on the bottom of the bag so you don’t have to worry about setting it down on the ground.


Pink Accented Animal Print Diaper Bag - ZebraPink Accented Animal Print Diaper Bag – Zebra

Pink and zebra go so well together. If you’re expecting  a baby girl, or are a fan of pink, then this would be a lovely diaper bag to have. The tote bag has pink adjustable handles, two side bottle pockets and a front and back pocket. There is a zipper at the top and multiple pockets on the inside. A matching pink change mat is included.

Giraffe Print Diaper Bags

Giraffe print is another classic pattern that has a loyal fan following. Just like in the wild, the primary patches of the giraffe print can be black, brown or reddish brown and the interstitial spacing is white or cream color. The boldness or busyness of the pattern is dependent on the size of the patches, the spacing in between and the overall color scheme. In general, a large amount of white space results in a busier pattern while less white space yields a more conservative look. A black and white giraffe pattern creates a bolder effect than a more gentle brown and cream pattern.

Carter's 2pc Green Trim Giraffe Tote Diaper BagCarter’s 2pc Green Trim Giraffe Tote Diaper Bag

SoHo Designs Black Giraffe Print Baby Diaper BagSoHo Designs Black Giraffe Print Baby Diaper Bag

The Carter’s giraffe print diaper bag with green trim is a popular diaper bag that includes a matching green change pad.  The bag has a total of four exterior pockets: one at the front, one at the back and two bottle pockets on either side. The top zipper opens to reveal a spacious main compartment with several interior pockets. The exterior can be wiped clean easily and the double top straps are adjustable for your comfort.

The SoHo Designs Giraffe print diaper bag is available in two looks: black and white or brown and white. The pattern is bold and the accompanying orange change mat and bottle bag also make a bold statement. The outside of the bag is made with 100% nylon and therefore is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. There is one pocket on the side of the bag and multiple pockets in the interior. The bag can be carried by the dual top handles or by the adjustable shoulder strap.

Tiger Print Diaper Bags

While tiger print may not be as popular as it’s leopard cousin, if you’re looking for a bold and edgy look then tiger print is a great way to go. Tiger print naturally pairs with neutral tones and can provide a pop of color if paired with a black and white ensemble. A tiger print diaper bag can be a great accent piece for your wardrobe.

Kalencom Tiger Print Three Piece Diaper Bag SetKalencom Tiger Print Three Piece Diaper Bag Set

The Kalencom laminated buckle bag secures with a magnetic closure and the exterior can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. The interior is spacious and has several pockets for all your needs and there are two additional pockets on the outside. This fashionable diaper bag comes with a change mat, an insulated bottle holder and a zippered pouch for soiled clothing.

Featured Image: Lounging Leopard, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

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