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Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

You’re expecting a baby and it’s almost time for your baby shower. Congratulations! This is such an exciting time. As your big day draws near you may be wondering what you should do to thank your family and friends for throwing your baby shower.

As far as baby shower etiquette is concerned, a hand written thank-you card for each host is what is expected. While there is no rule that says you need to buy a gift, a thoughtful baby shower hostess gift is a great way to show your appreciation. Often much time, planning and even money goes into preparing a baby shower and treating your hostess to something special is a way to recognize the effort put into your party.

When choosing baby shower hostess gifts it’s a good idea to take into account your budget, the number of gifts to be purchased and for whom you are buying the gift.


The first thing to consider is your budget as this will influence the type of gift you purchase. With a baby on the way it’s important to spend within your means and not overextend yourself. There are many nice affordable gifts you could buy, or if you are really strapped for cash then you could make a gift.

Directly related to your budget is the number of gifts you will need. Are you having more than one baby shower? Or, if there is just one shower, is there more than one hostess or person helping to plan the shower? By knowing how many gifts you need you can properly assess your budget and know how much money you have to spend per person.

Type of Baby Shower Hostess Gifts: Personalized or Identical?

If you have more than one hostess to buy for then you need to decide if you are going to buy the same gift for each hostess or a different gift for each person. Buying the same gift for each person is of course easier since you only have to come up with one gift idea. But you may want to include a little something extra for the person whose home your shower is being hosted at.

If you are going to buy personalized gifts then you need to think about each person’s tastes, hobbies, occupation or even relation to your baby.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Blooming Tea Gift Set

Since you are bountiful and blooming then a fun gift idea keeping with that theme is a blooming tea gift set.

Blooming Tea Gift Set - Baby Shower Hostess GiftsBlooming Tea Gift Set – Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

The Numi Organic Flowering Tea Gift Set comes in an attractive mahogany bamboo gift box and includes a 16 oz glass tea pot and six flowering tea blossoms that make three pots of tea each. The tea leaves are hand sewn around a flower blossom and they bloom before your eyes when you add hot water. Not only does the set make delicious tea, it’s living art on your table.

Matching Umbrellas for your Baby Shower 

Another cute idea keeping with the baby shower theme is an adorable umbrella. You know, since it is a ‘shower’. This would be especially practical if you live in an area that gets lots of rainfall.


Flowers are a simple but effective gift that brighten up a home. Since your hostess is already very busy planning your event then it would be a nice touch to also purchase a vase and arrange the flowers in the vase and finish it off with a pretty ribbon. This way she gets to appreciate the beauty of the flowers but you don’t give her any extra work to do. Alternatively you could purchase a potted plant which has the added benefit of lasting way longer than cut flowers.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

If your hostess is a wine lover then a bottle of wine may be ideal. Be sure to find out if she prefers white or red. You may also want to include a wine accessory such as a decorative wine glass, a funky wine bottle bag, a cute wine stopper or a corkscrew. A high heel bottle holder or an insulated wine bottle case would also make great gifts.


Red Lace High Heel Wine Bottle Holder Red Lace High Heel Wine Bottle Holder

Insulated Wine Tote BagInsulated Wine Tote Bag

Gourmet Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. Unless your hostess has special dietary requirements then a box of gourmet chocolates, truffles, or chocolate liqueurs would be a nice token of your appreciation.

Book or Magazine Subscription

If you know your hostess loves to read then a book by her favorite author or within her favorite genre would make a great gift. Does she like thrillers? Biographies? Romance? If she loves to cook then a cookbook with fantastic recipes and delicious photographs would be a beautiful gift. If she prefers magazines to books then a great gift idea is a year subscription to a magazine. Think about whether she’s into fashion, home decor or healthy living when choosing which magazine to gift to her.

Gifts for a Coffee Lover

If your hostess is a coffee connoisseur then a bag of quality coffee or espresso and a beautiful mug may be just the thing. Or you could buy a gourmet coffee sampler with coffees from around the world. If she has an espresso machine then another idea would be to include a bottle of hazelnut or vanilla syrup so she can make her own gourmet lattes at home.

Picture Frame

If your hostess is a family member then they would certainly appreciate a beautiful picture frame for their very first baby photo.

Scroll New Baby Picture FrameScroll New Baby Picture Frame

Malden Metal picture frames are sturdy and will last the test of time. There are nine beautifully designed options to choose from.

DIY Gift Basket

You could buy a pre-made gift basket and there are plenty of beautiful ones available online. But building a gift basket from scratch is a great way to keep costs down and tailor the contents of the basket to each hostess. You can buy beautiful and inexpensive baskets from your local dollar store or craft store and fill them with yummy treats that she wouldn’t normally buy herself, such as espresso caramel covered almonds or gourmet preserves. You could also create a spa themed basket and fill it with homemade beauty products. There are many luxurious things you can make easily and inexpensively such as scented bath salts.

Home Baked Goodies

If you love to bake then another wonderful homemade gift would be a batch of yummy cookies, cupcakes or your famous cocoa banana bread. Whatever your specialty, you can arrange your baked goods in a decorative box with a pretty ribbon.

Pamper Her

A gift certificate for a facial, manicure, pedicure or a relaxing massage would be a great reward for all her hard work.


If your mother or mother-in-law is hosting your baby shower then she would really appreciate a small piece of jewelry to mark the occasion.

Sterling Silver 'Grandma' Heart Necklace with 18 ChainSterling Silver ‘Grandma’ Heart Necklace with 18″ Chain

The ‘Love Grandma’ pendant necklace is a cute token to commemorate her becoming a grandma. The pendant is ‘free floating’ with the chain guided through the heart cutout and the word ‘grandma’ written on the front. The pendant measures 2.3 x 2.3 cm and comes with an 18″ cable chain finished with a lobster clasp. The piece comes in a black gift pouch.

Gift Card

Gift cards can make an excellent baby shower hostess gifts, especially if you are running out of time. If she’s a coffee lover then you can pop into your nearest Starbucks. Another great gift card is one for her favorite restaurant. Everyone appreciates a night out. If you have absolutely no idea what your hostess may want or even need, then a gift card can be a life saver. Consider buying an Amazon Gift Card. You can order a physical card in a cute box or you can have an e-card delivered via email.

Featured Image: Pregnant tummy heart, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

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