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Hello Kitty Diaper Bags

Hello Kitty Diaper Bags

Hello Kitty has attracted an audience ever since she was first designed by Yuko Shimizu in 1974. The lovable Japanese bobtail cat has been at the center of kawaii, Japan’s ‘cuteness’ culture, from the moment the Sanrio company started producing notepads and change purses bearing her likeness. Although her official name is ‘Kitty White’ she […]

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What to put in a diaper bag

What to Put in a Diaper Bag?

When you’re expecting your first baby there is so much to learn and so many things to prepare. At times it may feel a little overwhelming and you may wonder if you’ll ever get everything ready in time. If you’re wondering what to put in a diaper bag we’ve got some tips and pointers for […]

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Backpack Diaper Bags - O3 Innsbruck Set

Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpack diaper bags are a great option for hiking, travel or for those who are concerned about their posture.  It’s important to leave the house fully prepared for a full day of activity but an overly packed messenger style diaper bag can be hard on the shoulders. With a backpack diaper bag the weight is […]

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Stroller Cover for Winter

Buying a Stroller Cover for Winter

When the temperatures begin to drop it’s time to think about buying a stroller cover for winter. Your baby is more vulnerable to the elements than you are because they are so small and their bodies haven’t yet learned to regulate temperature. You may be warm because you are walking and pushing the stroller but […]

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Cool Diaper Bags for Men

Five Cool Diaper Bags for Men

This day and age men are playing a more active role in childcare. This is excellent because it’s an opportunity for mom to have a much needed break. But, while your guy may be happy to take junior to the park he will be less than thrilled to tote around a frilly, lacy diaper bag. […]

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