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Healthy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers - Eggs and Chick Basket

Healthy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Like many other holidays we celebrate, Easter is an opportunity to go overboard on candy and chocolate. If you’re like me you want your toddler to enjoy all the fun parts of Easter but you don’t want them to get overloaded with sugar. Fortunately there are many healthy Easter egg fillers that your toddler will get excited about.

When choosing healthy Easter egg fillers for toddlers you need to take into account their age. There’s a huge difference between a 17 month old and a two year old so not every item on this page will be appropriate for your child. Every child develops differently so you are the best judge when choosing Easter egg fillers for your toddler.

Choosing Easter Eggs

The first thing you will need for your Easter egg hunt is of course fillable Easter eggs. Jumbo Easter eggs are great for holding toys and and other larger items. Smaller Easter eggs are perfect for edible snacks and stickers. Just be sure that the egg halves aren’t so small that your young toddler may swallow them. If in doubt it’s safer stick with larger Easter eggs.

Some Easter eggs are relatively solid and will hold together quite nicely while others can be flimsy and may need some tape to help stay shut. Not always, but generally price can be an indicator of egg sturdiness. It’s worth it to invest in a beautiful set of sturdy eggs that can be put away and reused year after year.

Traditionally Easter egg hunts are held outdoors. If you know it’s going to be damp outside you will want to seal the eggs shut with tape to keep the moisture out. Alternatively you could move your Easter egg hunt indoors. You could set it up in one room or, if you have more than one child, you could either assign a room per child or put toy-filled eggs in one room, edible eggs in another and tell them how many eggs they can collect per room.

Edible Healthy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

  • Annie’s bunny crackers. Annie’s has a great variety of organic bunny shaped snacks. There are whole wheat, cheddar and white cheddar bunny crackers. For something sweeter there are also bunny grahams, bunny snaps and cocoa & vanilla gluten-free bunny cookies.
  • Annie’s bunny fruit snacks. These ‘gummy-bear’ type fruit snacks are bunny shaped, organic, gluten-free and come in a variety of great flavors.
  • Yogurt melts are another tasty treat for Easter eggs. They come in several different flavors so you can either keep them separate or mix them together for a multi-colored Easter egg filler.
  • Animal Crackers. These may not necessarily be Easter themed but they are very cute and kids love them.
  • Cereal. If your child has a favorite cereal, perhaps one they don’t get too often, then this could be a nice treat.
  • Trail mix. If you’re child is old enough to eat everything in the mix and isn’t allergic to nuts then trail mix makes a great healthy Easter egg filler.
  • Banana Chips. These are so delicious (and addictive – be sure to leave some for the kiddos).
  • Snapea crisps. These baked treats have the appeal of a potato chip but they are high in fiber and protein.

If you want to include a few small chocolates for a treat then mini chocolate chips are really great for young toddlers. Hollow Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are also perfect because you can easily break them up on the spot. Harder candy and solid chocolates can pose a choking risk.

Healthy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Fun Easter Toys : Bunny and lamb figurines, bunny sidewalk chalk, Easter stickers and Easter egg bubble necklaces.

Alternative Easter Egg Fillers – Toys and Stickers

  • Easter Animal Figurines. Bunnies, chicks and lamb figurines will bring lots of delight and are perfect toys for Easter.
  • Stickers. Cut up sheets of bunny, chick, lamb and painted egg Easter stickers and divide among the eggs.
  • Play Doh Easter Eggs. These aren’t exactly a filler since they come with their own egg but they are a fun idea.
  • Easter chalk. Bunny or egg-shaped sidewalk chalk makes a fun Easter egg filler.
  • Easter egg bubble necklaces. All kids love bubbles and an Easter egg bubble necklace is very exciting. You can either put them inside Easter eggs or hide them as is.
  • Temporary Tattoos. You could include Easter themed tattoos or any other themed tattoos.
  • Toy Cars. Some jumbo sized eggs will be able to fit small toy cars.
  • Animal finger puppets.
  • Mini Easter rubber duckies. These make a really cute Easter egg filler that will lead to hours of happy bathtime fun.
  • Easter stamps. There are lots of cute Easter themed self-inking stamps but you could also choose animals, flowers or anything else your child may like.

The sky is the limit when it comes to Easter egg fillers. You can include a mix of Easter themed toys and treats as well as other small fun toys that aren’t necessarily Easter themed. Anything that is small enough to fit into the egg, safe for your child and of course lots of fun.

Happy Easter!

Images: All photos by Isle of Baby.


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