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Toddler Mermaid Tails For Swimming

Toddler Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Toddler mermaid tails for swimming are a delight for little girls. With the popularity of mermaids on tv, from Disney’s The Little Mermaids to the Mako Mermaids of H2O it’s only a matter of time before your little girl wants a beautiful and shimmery tail of her very own.

Mermaid swim tails come in two styles: without the fin and with an insertable fin. Costumes without the fin are open at the bottom making them easier to walk and swim in. This style is recommended for younger and beginner swimmers. For older toddlers and those comfortable in the water there are styles with the fin that can be inserted before entering the water.

On this page you’ll find a variety of toddler mermaid tails in both styles and a variety of colors. There’s also a cool shark tail complete with dorsal fin that’s perfect for both little boys and little girls. You’ll also learn how to care for the mermaid tail and how to use it safely.

Safety Tips for Swimming with a Mermaid Tail

Mermaid tails are a lot of fun both for photos and for play time in the water. But it’s also important to make sure they are safely used. Adult supervision is a must while your toddler is using their mermaid swim tail. For both styles, with and without the fin, it’s recommended that your little girl wear either a life jacket, water wings or some other alternative wearable flotation device. It’s also a good idea to swim in shallow water, especially when she’s getting used to swimming with the tail.

Care for Your Mermaid Swimming Tail

In order to preserve the fantastic shimmer of your mermaid tail it’s best to avoid scraping it against rough surfaces such as the pool deck. For tails with a fin wait until your child is at the edge of the pool before inserting it. Alternatively she can wait to get dressed in the tail until at the pool’s edge. The fin should be removed after each use and the mermaid tail can be machine washed inside out in cold water. Hang to dry and avoid the use of fabric softeners and bleach. Do not iron.

No Fin Toddler Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Great for small children the no-fin variety of mermaid tail provides the beauty and excitement of being a mermaid while preserving ease of movement while walking and swimming. The bottom of these tails is open which allows for free movement while walking and swimming.

toddler mermaid tails for swimmingAriel ‘Little Mermaid’ Toddler Mermaid Tails for Swimming

If your little girl is a fan of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid then she’ll be so delighted to dress up and go swimming as Ariel. This gorgeous sparkly green mermaid tail for swimming has open feet for easy walking and to accommodate beginner swimmers. Available in 3T and size 5.

Pair with a coordinating scaled purple bikini set in X-Small (for toddler girls 3 – 5). She can wear the purple top with the mermaid tail to look just like Arial and then slip into the bottoms when she’s doesn’t feel like wearing the tail.

No-Fin Toddler Mermaid Tail Set (Many Colors Available)Realistic Scaled Mermaid Tail for Toddlers – No Fin

Two more fun no-fin toddler mermaid tails to choose from. The three-piece sets by iEFiEL include a sparkly open-footed mermaid tail, matching halter bikini top and bottoms. Available for toddlers in 2 – 3, 3 – 4, 4 – 5, 5 – 6, 6 – 7 and 9 – 10 in a variety of gorgeous colors including shades of pink, blue, green, purple and rainbow.

The sparkly scaled toddler mermaid tails for swimming by Fin Fun boast natural movement with low resistance for your little swimmer. Available for toddlers size 3T and 5. Comes in eight vibrant scaled colors including blue/green (shown), pink, rainbow, blue, purple, black, green and marigold.

No Fin Toddler Mermaid Tail (Pink, Purple, Orange, Teal)

Mermaid Swim Tails has a gorgeous little no-fin mermaid set for toddler girls sized 2 – 4. Made for those weighing between 20 and 40 pounds, the tail measures 23 inches (although you can roll it down if it’s too long). The tail comes with a matching beautifully designed top. Available in four colors: Sparkle Purple, Sparkle Pink, Shimmer Orange and Miami Teal. There are more photos through the link including one on a toddler girl so you can see what it will look like in use.

Toddler Mermaid Tails with a Fin

Mermaid tails with a removable fin have the advantage of giving your little girl better propulsion in the water. Best suited for toddlers with swimming experience. The fin can be removed so that your child can walk easily. For swimming insert the fin at the edge of the pool.

Toddler Mermaid Tail For Swimming – Purple

This gorgeous shimmery purple mermaid swim tail is made for toddlers age 2 – 4. Includes removable fin. Also available in larger sizes for older children.

Toddler Mermaid Tail with Fin – Turquoise

A sparkly turquoise finned mermaid tail is also available for toddlers.

Toddler Shark Tail (2 – 4 Years)

If you have a little boy or girl wanting to get in on the swimming fun but not wanting to dress up as a mermaid, then Mermaid Swim Tails also carries a fun shark tail for toddlers. Constructed with shimmery scaled swimsuit material the shark tail includes a dorsal fin as well as the insertable swim fin. For toddlers sized 2 – 4. Also available in older child sizes.

Mermaid by AK Rockefeller, via Flickr, used under CC2.0


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